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about us

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The Knowledge-based ,young ,creative and purposeful company was created with a deep understanding of the need of the country’s department stores and stores to provide high quality Security and anti-theft products.

Since its inception , the Safety wave company has set itself goal to move on the global technology frontier , and choose AM technology for its product which is the best-selling anti-theft technology and only a limited number of American and European companies own it .
The manufacturer of the first and greatest anti-theft gates was introduced to the country by introducing two well-known products , the SWG and IMG series gate , these products were widely welcomed in the domestic and middle eastern market.

The technology development part and design department of the Safety wave company has provided unique products ( even in comparison of foreign brand ), based on its young , capable and self confident experts .

We have expanded our sales and after-sales services
through-out the whole of Iran ,with the understanding of today’s market need for specialized services , high quality products and day-to-day technology .This unrivalled services and diverse products are offered in a variety of packages to our customers .

Core Values
& Beliefs

Our collection is based on the merits and ability of individuals and each responsibility is assigned to each person’s expertise and ability , which has led our products to progress in line with the growth of the world technology .

We believe that our interest in developing technology alongside teamwork and division of tasks will logically approach our goals in achieving maximum satisfaction and helping a secure and successful business in the company .

We believe ethics is an integral part of responsibilities inside and out of our enterprise , and creates trust , respect , transparency , commitment , quality and stability

We believe , we can effect on culture promotion and society responsibility by providing appropriate services , so that , we expect ourselves more than the customers , in providing services we are responsible for our country ‘s view of the world and we are all in the process of gaining global honors .

Our Certificates